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।हमारा प्रयास, मेंहदी से सजे सबके हाथ. PUNEET KRISHAN OMAR s/o Shree VINAY KRISHAN OMAR (BANDA)Profile No 154 $$ ENGAGED TO BE MARRIGEE $$ NEHA GUPTA D/O Shree HARI OM GUPTA (MIRJA PUR) Profile No 497
हमारा प्रयास, मेंहदी से सजे सबके हाथ.. प्रगति की ओर अग्रसर ...

VINAY OMAR s/o Shree Moolchand Omar Kanpur (profile no 235) $$ ENGAGED TO BE MARRIGEE $$ DIPINTI GUPTA D/O Shree Ram Kishan Gupta Gupta Kanpur (profile no 408).हमारा प्रयास, मेंहदी से सजे सबके हाथ.. .हम उनसे मिलाते हैं, जो आपको समझ पाते हैं हमारा प्रयास, मेंहदी से सजे सबके हाथ:

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You are cordially welcome to Omar Vaishya and Vaishya Samaj web portal. This is the only and most advance portal for providing best matrimonial information for Omar Vaishya...

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Omer and Vaishya Samaj

According to Vedic tradition, this tribe primarily comprises farmers, cattle-herders and artists. In Hindu beliefs, the duties of a Vaishya, as described by Hindu God Krishna...

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Shri. Dinesh Gupta Founded SankalpKanpur in 1980, for social betterment of Omer and Vaishya Samaj.

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